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LGBTQ and Hormone Provision

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette Cares: LGBTQ Services

Planned Parenthood provides compassionate and confidential sexual and reproductive health services at low cost to people of all gender expressions and sexual orientations. Make your health a priority and schedule an appointment at Planned Parenthood today. You may be eligible for funding programs to help make your visit affordable.

Equal Access Fund

Gynecological and chest exams are an essential part of all preventive health care. PPCW is committed to helping all LGBTQI people access basic reproductive and sexual health care through our Equal Access Fund. This fund gives qualifying individuals with limited financial resources access to annual visits and Pap tests at no cost. Call 1.866.576.PLAN (7526) to see if you are eligible for these funds today!

“As an unemployed queer person, I didn’t know where I was going to get my annual exam, and have it be in a safe, friendly, nonjudgmental environment. PPCW’s health centers were just what I was looking for, and if it weren’t for the Equal Access Fund, there is no way I could have afforded this basic, preventative health care. And because PPCW cares so much about keeping everyone healthy, I now volunteer my time there.”

— Chris, PPCW patient & volunteer

Services Available at our Health Centers

PPCW Health Center employees are trained on LGBTQI specific health care needs. We are always happy to hear suggestions to continue making PPCW a welcoming environment for all.

We offer:

  • HIV testing for people of all genders
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD)testing and treatment
  • Condoms: 10 for $1.00!
  • Annual visits (cancer screenings)
  • Birth control services and supplies (pills, ring, IUDs, and more)
  • Health education
  • Emergency contraception (morning after pill)
  • Free pregnancy testing and options information
  • Abortion care, education and support
  • Colposcopy (follow-up for abnormal Pap test)
  • Referrals for prenatal care, parenting and adoption
  • Oral and anal gonorrhea and chlamydia testing

Transgender Services

Hormone Provision & Preventative Health

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (PPCW ) provides quality, compassionate healthcare using an informed consent model.

We serve transgender people and people at various places on the spectrum of gender identity and expression. We are committed to improving the way transgender people receive health care. We proudly partner with our transgender community in eliminating barriers to care.

What services do we offer?

We offer transgender hormone provision as well as preventative sexual health care services that include: cancer screening, wellness education, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing, annual visits, pregnancy testing, vasectomies, birth control, emergency contraception, abortion care and more.

Our NE Portland location provides a variety of feminizing and masculinizing medications. Written prescriptions will also be provided for those clients who prefer to fill their prescriptions at their pharmacy of choice.

How do I make an appointment?

To become a new patient, please call 1-888-576-7526 and our knowledgeable Call Center staff will help answer your questions and schedule an appointment.

I’m already on hormones; can I transfer my records to PPCW and become a patient?

Yes. If you are already being seen by a medical provider for hormones but wish to transfer your care to PPCW, you can do that. You can make an appointment at 888-576-PLAN (7526).

How much does it cost?

When you call to make an appointment, our staff will help you figure out costs and payment options. We do bill Medicaid and commercial insurance. If you prefer not to use your insurance, talk to us about other payment options.

Servicios para personas transgénero

Provisión de hormonas y servicios de salud preventiva

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (PPCW) brinda cuidados de salud compasivos y de calidad usando el modelo de consentimiento informado.

Brindamos servicios a personas transgénero y a personas en varios lugares del espectro en la identidad de género y expresión. Estamos comprometidos a mejorar la manera en que las personas transgénero reciben servicios de salud. Trabajamos con la comunidad transgénero para liderar el camino en la eliminación de barreras para acceder cuidados de salud.

¿Qué servicios ofrecemos?

Ofrecemos hormonas para personas transgénero y servicios de salud sexual preventiva que incluyen: pruebas de cáncer, educación para el bienestar, pruebas y tratamientos para las enfermedades de transmisión sexual, pruebas de VIH, exámenes anuales, pruebas de embarazo, vasectomías, métodos anticonceptivos, anticonceptivo de emergencia, cuidados para servicios de abortos, y más. Nuestra clínica en el NE de Portland tendrá un inventario y dispensará una variedad de medicamentos feminizantes y masculinizantes además de proveer inyecciones de testostero- na en la clínica. También se brindarán recetas médicas para los clientes que deseen obtener suministros en su farmacia de preferencia.

Cómo hago una cita?

Para hacerse paciente nuevo/a, por favor llame al 1-888-576-PLAN (7526) y nuestro personal del centro de llamadas (conocedor en los servicios) responderá sus preguntas y le hará una cita. ¡Hablamos español!

Estoy usando hormonas, ¿puedo transferir mi expediente a PPCW y ser un paciente?
Sí. Si está actualmente viendo a un proveedor médico para servicios transgénero pero desea transferir su cuidado a PPCW, puede hacerlo. Puede hacer una cita llamando al 1-888-576- PLAN (7526).

¿Cuánto me costará?

Cuando llame para hacer una cita, nuestro personal puede ayudarle a identificar los costos y las opciones de pago. Nosotros facturamos al seguro de salud, y si no tiene seguro de salud, podemos ayudarle a inscribirse en un plan de seguro que cubra su cuidado. Si desea no usar su seguro de salud, pregúntenos sobre las opciones de pago.

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